We strive to make products that last­. A design that never goes out of style, with a quality that allows for them to be worn for many years. Ultimately it is you, the consumer, who decides which products make the cut. Those most loved designs will continue to be available for seasons to come. We call them Icons. They rarely receive any visible changes or updates, but they are constantly improved to become more sustainable.




Recognized by its unique quilt pattern our Helium range has been a top seller for almost a decade. These are our most lightweight and packable down jackets. How lightweight and packable you might wonder? Well, the most iconic style, Helium Down Jacket won’t take up much more room than an orange if you pack it right. And be careful to attach more than ten helium balloons to it as it will take off to the sky.



Celebrating its 10th birthday our Frost line of lightweight yet exceptionally warm down jackets hasn’t aged one bit on the outside. But everything under the hood has changed making this a very sustainable choice. It took two years, a perfectionist of a designer, and an assistant with a high level of patience to find the perfect recipe for the amounts of down in each padding channel, down to the gram.



The Original family consists of almost everything you need for everyday activities. Whether it’s a hoodie, crew or sweatpants they are all made of our signature cotton-blend jersey with that soft brushed inside that feels amazing to wear. Equally soft and comfortable are the premium cotton t-shirts. No matter what your pick is you will be rocking a true Peak Performance classic, made to last and grow accustomed to.

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