Winter's coming!  

Already forgot how cold it got last year?

Long, warm, lightweight, waterproof, or just incredibly puffy?
Check out all the new winter jackets for really freezing weather.

Why down? Why not?


The short answer to the million-dollar question is that both down and synthetic fibers are great insulators in jackets. But there are differences between the two. Down is the warmer and more packable option, and the most suitable for dry and colder conditions. Synthetic insulation has the advantage when it comes to keeping you warm when wet, making it the top pick for high-intensity activities and rainy days.

One jacket to do it all

It’s awesome that so many of us enjoy multiple outdoor activities! But do we really need one jacket for hiking, another one for ski touring, and a third for hanging out in the city? Sounds like an unnecessary waste of earth’s resources, our wardrobe space, and hard-earned money. Our winter jacket collection is super versatile and will literally have your back wherever you are, no matter the activity.

The longer the cooler


Sure, it’s a whole lot about minimizing waste, chemicals, micro plastics and CO2. These are all super important sustainability initiatives, but longevity is arguably the one that counts the most. We reach that by using quality materials and constructions, nailing a timeless look, and educating customers how to care for our products.

Designer’s thoughts


“These are exciting times to work as a designer. Sustainability is on most people’s minds in the clothing industry which gives birth to so much innovation when it comes to fabrics, dyeing techniques, packaging and so on. My contribution to this movement is that I love to create timeless designs that will have our customers feeling good and looking good for many years ahead.”

Andy, Designer casual wear

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