S/S 18 Peak Performance Outdoor Collection

For spring/summer 2018, Peak Performance unites fashion and functionality in an active collection tailored to move seamlessly between the fast-paced city life and the getaways in the outdoors. The collection include products for training, running and hiking in lightweight materials that enable the speed needed for our fast-paced lifestyle.

Modern everyday life calls for an active wardrobe in which performance isn’t simply defined by a garment’s durability, but in its capacity to adapt and transform—and look great, all at once. If we’re constantly on the move, the clothes we wear need to keep up with us says Maria Bovin, Peak Performance Active designer.
Echoing the core of Peak Performance, this collection fuses our brand’s technical heritage and continuous strive for innovation into an contemporary line in toned down nuances. A light and fast collection with products as the Mondo jacket and the Track tights show the never ending urge for innovation.