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As a graphic designer, Eve Izaak translates her love for the outdoors into visuals that impress. Weekend runs across the English countryside keep her mind clear and spirit sharp. London may be where she lives, but the trail is where she thrives.


Meet Eve:
A running designer

London is a unique city where anyone with the right blend of energy and enthusiasm can spread their creative roots, turning a lifelong passion into a full-time profession. Born to a British sculptress mother and a Polish/French painter father, Eve Izaak has always answered the call of her artistic side. Originally from Stratford-upon-Avon in the Midlands, Eve moved to East London after graduating from university where she quickly established herself among the capital’s highly competitive creative scene.


As a graphic designer for Rapha, one of the world’s leading cycling brands, Eve specialises in publication design and type setting, and it’s her unerring eye for detail which has seen her thrive in the role. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also a keen cyclist who loves nothing more than getting out into the countryside on long weekend rides. “I love London,” she says, “but I also love how quickly I can escape. Within half an hour I can cycle out of London and into the countryside lanes... or a train journey for less than an hour can get you to the beach!”

While she spends plenty of time on her bike, Eve also likes to explore the city by foot. “I tend to run at least four-five times a week,” she explains, “often to get from A to B, be that my daily commute or doing jobs at the weekend. Running is a time to clear my mind, there’s a flow to it that calms me, but also a beating rhythm that energizes and heightens my senses.” Achieving this balance also comes down to the clothes you wear, she continues. “The material and fit are essential. I try and wear natural biological fabrics close to my skin, like merino which is great for baselayers. But whether I’m running or cycling, my clothes ultimately need to protect me against the elements – rain or shine – and improve performance. What I wear is often lightweight, with minimal and functional design.”

The secret to getting the most out of any daily activity, Eve says, is seeking out the paths less travelled. “When commuting, I like to take the quiet scenic routes — especially through tree-lined terraced streets, avoiding the busy main roads. And if I need to escape the city, the canal is only a short distance away. Epping forest, Hampstead Heath and Walthamstow marshes are great if running on concrete isn’t your thing.”

Of course, the inner parts of the city is where Eve spends most of her time working and living, and she never misses an opportunity to take advantage of everything London’s bustling centre has to offer. “London has amazing variety,” she effuses, “Food, culture, people, history and so many things to do... During the summer months especially, London’s art scene flourishes with exciting pop-ups and exhibitions. Work-wise, the opportunities that I have had so far to make new contacts and the kind of projects I have been involved with have helped because of my coordinates.”