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Pre Season Training

Pre Season Training with Henrik Windstedt

Are you ready for the coming ski season? Swedish pro skier Henrik Windstedt shows you how he prepares in the run up to the season and will help you get your body in shape to hit the slopes.

Get ready to sweat – this routine of 8 exercise moves will train essential areas like your core, arms and legs and gets your heart pumping with a good dose of cardio. Follow this program and you’ll be ready for those drops and quick turns when the snow starts falling.


Plank with external rotation

3 rounds of 12 reps each side
- Start in plank position on elbows. Make sure shoulders are directly over elbows and feet about hip width apart, head neutral.
- Using a slow, controlled movement, move arm through opposite armpit and ribcage.
- Once arm has extended past the opposite side of your body, externally rotate arm up to the sky in a slow controlled movement, allowing head to follow your hand.
- Come back to neutral plank position and repeat.


Hollow Body roll

3 rounds of 5 rolls each side
- Start laying on stomach
- Squeeze glutes, and legs tight as your raise your arms and legs off the ground in superman position - hold for 3 seconds.
- Place a lightweight dumbbell in between your hands.
- While keeping your legs and arms off the ground proceed to roll over to back
- Once on back make sure you continue to activate glutes, legs and abs by squeezing the muscles tight.
- Shoulders should be off the ground, chin tucked in and lower back pressed into the floor hold for 3 seconds.
- Continue to roll back on your stomach and repeat alternating each direction.


Spin bike

60 seconds easy effort/ 60 seconds hard effort for a total of 5-7 minutes as a warm up before workout
- Before sitting on bike be sure to set saddle to proper height. (using your hip bone to judge the accurate seat height is a great place to start)
- You also want to make sure handlebars are at proper height. (you want to keep your spine neutral, neither arched nor rounded, with a slight bend at your elbows while your hands are resting on the handlebars.)
- Find a resistance that is tough, however can maintain a 90RPM for 60 seconds


Eccentric Box drops w/ plyometric variation

2 rounds of 15 (5x box drop. 5x speed bounds, 5x height bounds)
Part 1 - The eccentric box drop: (starting with 5 box drops before adding plyometric variation)
- Stand on the edge of a box with your feet hip width apart.
- You’ll jump of (or step off for beginners) the box and absorb the impact by landing in a squat position quietly as you can.
- You want to have a strong, solid, controlled landing and maintain balance as you hit the ground. No rocking back and forth.

Part 2 - The plyometric: (perform 5 reps of each variation)
Variation #1 (speed)
- Once you have performed the box drop, you will add a quick bounding jump.
- The goal is to react as quickly as you can off the initial impact on the ground.
- Hold landing of the 2nd jump for 3 seconds to ensure you have control before starting over.
Variation #2 (height)
- Once you have performed the box drop, to add variation #2 you will hit the ground, and jump up as high as possible upon ground contact.
- As you land the box drop, send hips and arms back into a launch position.
- The take off of the second jump will be slightly slower than variation #1 but will be generate for explosivity and height.
- As you jump up, your arms will come forward allowing you to get as much power from your hips and legs as possible.
- Hold and absorb landing before starting over.


Single leg Glute Bridge on Stability Ball

2 rounds of 12 reps each leg
- Begin on your back and place arms straight to the outside of the body (for more of a challenge you can try placing arms in the air)
- Place one foot on the stability ball, the other will point up to the ceiling.
- Engage all your core muscles to help stabilize your body and maintain balance throughout the movement.
- By pressing your heel into the ball, drive your hips up so they form a straight line with your quads and chest.
- Pause in this position
- Keeping your body active and engaged, slowly lower hips back to ground and repeat.


Vertical barbell core rotation

2 rounds of 12 swings each direction
- Start by standing in a strong athletic position; knees slightly bent, proud posture and head neutral
- Place barbell in front of you with hand over hand, positioned at shoulder height, arm distance apart from your body.
- Move barbell from side to side of your body by guiding it with your arms.
- The goal of this exercise is to keep body facing forward and neutral by engaging your core and only shifting the barbell side to side using you arms and shoulders (also known as anti-rotation)


Overhead Squat

2x 10-12 squats
- Begin movement in a front rack position with hands about 20cm from your shoulders (this could further or closer from your shoulders depending on your mobility)
- Position feet in your squat stance and press bar overhead.
- Lock your arms straight, engage your core and use your shoulder to help stabilize that bar in the overhead position, making sure you don’t allow your shoulders to collapse inward.
- Once you have found your balance you will slowly and controlled, squat down.
- As your lower into your squat position allow the barbell to shift behind your head. (the bar path should always being in line with your heels)
- As you stand up, think about punching the sky with the bar. (This will help keep your shoulder engaged and stabilized during the movement
- Keep eyes up and chin up throughout movement to avoid the bar, or your body falling forward.