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Hedvig's Way

She has already won NM in Riksgränsen and competed in both the Sochi and PyeongChang Olympics. Hedvig Wessel, only 23, has the experience of much older athletes. Her next goal? Reaching the top of the podium in the Freeride World Tour. Born in Oslo 1995, this energetic Norwegian has been skiing for as long as she can remember. Charismatically sharing her passion on her social media channels with fans all over the world, her new web series, Hedvig’s Way, portraits her way towards the top.


Episode 1 - Verbier Xtreme

Follow Hedvig on her first ever Freeride World Tour competition - Verbier Xtreme in episode 1.


Episode 2 - Together

Funny things happen when you travel with friends or set out for a day in the mountains. In that moment, they become the most trusted people in your life. In episode 2, Hedvig invites some of the coolest girls she knows to join her for a mission she has been wanting to fulfill for a long time.


Episode 3 - Finding the balance

How does Hedvig find the balance between skiing in the Freeride World Tour and studying full-time? Episode 3 takes you through her hectic puzzle.

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    Episode 4 - Sailing safe in Sunnmøre

    Episode 4 takes place in the fjords of Norway. Hedvig meets up with the legend Karsten Gefle and learns about safety.