Peak Performance Headquarter

Peak Performance Headquarter

Around 100 people work at the waterfront Peak Performance headquarters in Stockholm, where co-workers sharing a passion for an energetic lifestyle come together to bring our active, confident and style conscious collections to life. Peak Performance HQ is home to our main departments: Design, Sourcing & Production, Retail Back Office, Wholesale, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. Here you can follow a product from concept to final distribution and have the opportunity to make your mark along the way.

We have also spread our wings across the world, becoming a global brand – you’ll find Peak Performance offices and sales departments in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium and Canada.

Meet our employees

Therese - Sales Executive
When did you start working at Peak Performance? And what do you do?
I started in the spring of 2016 and work with Urban, the Peak Performance casual fashion collection. It’s really exciting being a part of this time of development and challenge, rebuilding the brand within the fashion segment. I work with how we can maintain a good relationship with our current distribution channels, while at the same time finding new distribution opportunities that help us move forward.

What’s the best thing about your job?
To create, improve, develop and challenge customer relationships. I’m passionate about clothes and fascinated by how we humans are affected by what we wear and how fashion is constantly evolving. At the same time, we want to work towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.

In what way do you think Peak Performance are a good employer?
Structure, organisation and leadership! Working with distinct values and clear goals is key for me and at Peak Performance I get to do that.

What makes you feel good outside of work?
Yoga, running, traveling and really fun parties. This gives me perspective and new energy.

Monica - PA till CEO
How long have you worked at Peak Performance?
In 2001 I stepped into the Åre store and asked when I could start working!

How has your role changed during your time at Peak Performance?
I started out in the Åre store and stayed there for around three years. After that I did a few rounds at our Stockholm store on Biblioteksgatan until 2015. Since I arrived at our wonderful head office I’ve had the fortune to try out many different and enriching roles.

How come you work for Peak Performance?
Because I love this company! For me it’s mainly the products but just as much the people I work with – it’s a great gang. It almost feels like being in a family environment. Great energy!

What makes you happy at work?
My colleagues make me happy. That’s the most important thing for me.

Open applications

Open applications

To register an open application for HQ & Global Sales, please click on the link below:
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Make sure to include your name, email and your motivation for applying. Your application will stay in our CV database for 6 months, after that time you need to send us an update if you still are interested.



If you're interested in an Internship at Peak Performance, please register your application/CV in our database. The number and duration of internships is subject to business demands, so when we have a vacant internship matching your profile, we will contact you. Your application will be stored for up to 6 months.

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