Schoeller® is a textile company with headquarters in Switzerland and international operations. The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative fabrics and smart textile technologies. Schoeller® textiles are leading in a number of niche markets worldwide. The roots of Schoeller® Textil AG go back to 1967. The area "Fabrics" encompasses the premium range "Innovative Fabrics by Schoeller® Switzerland": a highly-functional line for sports, work, lifestyle, fashion and office furnishings, developed in the Swiss headquarters.

Other membrances & technologies provided by Schoeller used by Peak Performance:

  • 3XDRY® -the feelgood technology: 3XDRY® treatments combine two technologies into one textile: On the outside the textile is water repellent, whereas on the fabric’s inside it effectively absorbs perspiration.
  • coldblack®- Sun Reflector UV Protector: The intelligent textile finish coldblack® reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays.
  • ecorepel®- Clean and dry, naturally: The textile finish ecorepel® Transfers this natural water repellence to textiles.
  • corkshell™- Naturally warm:With corkshell™ from Schoeller, it is now possible to combine the outstanding natural features of cork with those of high-performance fabrics.