Drydye ® Technology is a revolutionary waterless dyeing process which saves 25 liters of fresh water per yard. This clean technology uses pure dyestuff and no chemical additives that dilute performance.

The Drydye™ process gives excellent results as far as dye levelness and shade repeatability. An independent life cycle assessment confirmed that Drydye ™ technology significantly reduce the carbon footprint of polyester fabric and produces no toxic discharge in the dyeing process.

Carbon Dioxide is considered the best supercritical fluid as it is naturally occurring, chemically inert, and it does not release volatile organic compounds. Traditional dyeing of polyester uses approximately 50 to 100 liters of water per kilo of fabric in pretreatment, dyeing, and post treatment (drying).



How Drydye works®:

Drydye™ Technology uses a supercritical fluid process to eliminate all water in the dyeing process.The supercritical fluid CO2 causes the polymer fiber to swell allowing the pure dyestuff to easily diffuse within the polyester.

Advantages of supercritical dyeing®

  • Elimination of water consumption
  • Elimination of drying and dryer effluent
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in air emissions
  • Dyeing time signicantly reduced
  • Pure dyes used. Surfactants and auxiliary chemicals in dyes eliminated
  • Dye utilization is very high with very little residue dye.
  • Unused dye can be recaptured and reused
  • Approximately 95% of CO2 can be recycled
  • Fewer re-dyes are required and color correction is easier


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