Ski Team

Dave Treadway

First and foremost, Dave Treadway's passion for skiing is truly unique. He’s simply all about exploring the unexplored. For Dave, it’s normal to spend 7 days getting to a place to go skiing for only 10 minutes, but for him It’s always worth it. Dave lives in Pemberton, Canada and when he’s not skiing, he’s either on his snowmobile looking for new places to go to or trying to find unexplored mountains. Pushing his skiing to steeper lines on bigger mountains is one of his favourite things to do in life. Luckily, sometimes his wrestling with the unknown is caught on camera. Producing a lot of great segments in ski movies, our film release ”Walk the plank” is a perfect example of his wilderness. Dave’s breathtakingly skills have achieved worldwide recognition, as he keeps doing the impossible. Time after time.