Polartec®Power dry®

Baselayer fabrics engineered with Polartec® Power Dry®keep you comfortable and dry during outdoor activities.

Polartec® Power Dry® fabrics are designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. Ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, these fabrics feature a patented bi-component knit construction that uses different yarns on either side. This creates two different surfaces: one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, and the other to dry quickly.

  • Moisture-wicking fabric ideal for outdoor adventures
  • Keeps skin dry when you sweat
  • Patented bi-component knit construction
  • Uses different yarns on either side; one side moves moisture, the other dries quickly

Technology behind Polarec® Power Dry®:

The technology used to control moisture is the highest priority for base layers and next-to-skin surfaces. Sweat and moisture vapor must be in a constant state of flux to ensure the fabric doesn't become saturated and lose performance characteristics.

This is why Polartec® Power Dry® is engineered with our patented bi-component knit construction to enhance drying capabilities across the entire fabric structure. This dual surface approach maximizes performance by mechanically wicking sweat and vapor off your skin and directly transferring it to the outer surface where it diffuses for quick dry times.

How it works:

Polartec® Power Dry® pulls moisture directly from the skin and transfers it to the outer surface to quickly dissipate. This continuous evaporation process helps to keep you cool (as your body heat increases) and warm (when temperatures begin to drop)

By physically embedding these wicking capabilities into the fabric structure, Polartec® Power Dry® doesn’t rely on chemical fiber treatments to transfer moisture. Chemical approaches to managing saturation only provide a temporary solution that can wash away and leave you with a base fabric that doesn't perform.

Main properties of Polartec®Power Dry®:

  • Superior moisture-wicking action
  • Keeps skin dry when you sweat
  • Highly breathable
  • Rapid dry time
  • Waterproof, even at high temperatures
  • Comfortable next to the skin
  • Machine washable