The RECCO® Rescue System

The RECCO® rescue system’s two-part technology starts with the RECCO® detectors, which are carried by ski resorts and mountain rescue teams. RECCO® reflectors, worn by skiers, riders and other outdoors people, bounce back a directional signal that guides the rescuer straight to the reflector. Unlike other technologies, multiple RECCO® reflectors on one person can improve detection.

RECCO® teams up with over 900 resorts and rescue services worldwide to improve security for mountain visitors.

The system is sophisticated yet easy to use. Organized rescue teams can utilize the lightweight, hand-held detector on the ground or from a helicopter for fast searching of large or dangerous areas.

The RECCO® Rescue System

  • Gives resorts a fast and easy-to-use search and rescue tool that can pinpoint a person’s precise location
  • Reduces dangers to their staff while making the search and rescue more efficient
  • Enables rescue teams to search faster, increasing the chances of finding the person in time
  • RECCO® reflectors need no attention or effort. Permanently attached to the inside or outside of your gear, the virtually indestructible wearable technology weighs less than 4 grams and is always 'on' -- just look for the RECCO® label.

When wearing a RECCO® reflector, the only requirement is that you make good decisions to avoid avalanches and other mountain dangers.

RECCO® Reflectors

  • Do not prevent avalanches
  • Do not guarantee location or survival of a buried or lost person
  • Are not a substitute for an avalanche rescue beacon
  • However, if someone needs more help than their friends can provide, RECCO® reflectors can offer another chance.

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