Informed with over 30 years of expertise in ski- and active wear; our outerwear explores the beauty of utility and functionality. Warm enough to get you through harsh winters, yet sleek enough to be worn to an uptown restaurant. Sounds like a contradiction? We don’t think you have to choose.


Each jacket starts out as a sketch on paper. With inspiration from vintage garments, travels and even our own archives, our designers produce countless sketches before a pattern is made.

Once we’re satisfied with the look and pattern the search for the right materials starts. We source and sample materials from top-end suppliers all over the world. Feeling the materials in our hands is an integral part of creating something with tactility; as a good jacket is to be worn on the body for many years. Then we collaborate with manufactures creating prototypes and communicating back and forth until we reach perfection.

Finally; we test the functionality. Pockets, hoods, zippers, seams — every detail needs to serve a purpose and live up to the daily demands of our lives. Only when we are confident of this we have a finalized product. A product made with love well worth your investment.

STELLA as worn by influencer NINA SANDBECH

With an unerring eye for mixing colours and prints Nina Sandbech works as a fashion influencer and lives in Oslo Norway.

Designer’s comments

For the Stella jacket we exaggerated the proportions and the hood creating a dramatic silhouette. The generous cut cocoons you in warm down-filled quilting offering protection and comfort.

"Living in Norway with cold winters, proper outerwear is important. I love this jacket because it manages to look good while still being practical for cold weather. And I really can't complain about the colour either."

— Nina Sandbech

X2 as worn by rapper FRICKY

This is Erik Friman, also known as Fricky — a Swedish rapper who took the country by storm with hits like “Hon Få mig” and “Aqua Aura”. Hailing from the snowy north he loves being outdoors just as much as being on stage.

Designer’s comments

The X2 parka is based on a design from our own archives. To make it modern we added details to suit today’s needs. For performance it is insulated with premium goose down and feathers and features a waterproof resin-coated shell fabric.

"I love that this jacket is really warm. The bright white colour really brightens up a cold winter night."

— Fricky

X3 as worn by rapper JIREEL

Meet Jireel, the 18 year-old rapper from Stockholm who despite his young age has been named the future hope of Swedish hip hop.

Designer’s comments

With the X3 we wanted to redefine a classic bomber style. We added clever solutions; like a removable hood to protect you from rain. We always design for flexibility and ease of movement.

"What I love about this jacket is the colour as well as the big hood. I also appreciate the details on the inside that lets me hang the jacket on by back, it’s a nice feature."

— Jireel

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