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An expression commonly used on backstage passes when the pass holder is free to explore all the areas of the venue, Access All Areas wants to give our customers the same feeling. Access All Areas is a world where there are almost no restrictions - just incredible benefits.

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Free repairs
We care about the environment and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. One way we do this is by making great products with quality to last. We want to make sure you get the most out of your Peak Performance product, that's why we believe in helping you take care of it while you can, and making sure it's put to good use when you're done with it. Welcome to Peak Performance Care.

The Peak Performance Care program allows for free repairs on most Peak Performance products, as long as our quality standard can be maintained even after a repair and you can provide your receipt or proof of purchase for the item proving that it has been bought in one of our stores or at Head down to your nearest participating Peak Performance retail store or give our consumer care team a call and they’ll be happy to help.
Sign up to Access All Areas with your next purchase and get access to Peak Performance Care. It’s like insurance for your gear - but free!

Taking proper care of your garments will not only make them last - but will reduce your environmental impact too. Did you know that GoreTex products need to be tumble dried or ironed to keep their water repellent properties? If care labels confuse you, head to our Material Guide or Clevercare for more tips.

Our products are made to last and we want you to get the most out of yours. If your product for some reason isn’t performing the way it should or maybe something happened to it on your latest adventure we’ll fix it - for free!

When your product has more repair patches than original fabric and is beyond repair, we’ll take care of it and put it to better use. In return, you’ll get 20% off a comparable product just for caring.

Find the closest shop participating in the Peak Performance Care program here.
Free online shipping & Special offers
Free shipping & Special offers
Free online shipping
All orders come with a small shipping fee - fortunately as a Access All Areas member, we cover that cost!

Special offers
One of the best parts about being a member of Access All Areas is all the special gifts. It might be a Peak Performance branded peg before the golf season or a goggle wipe before the ski season, whatever it is - you’ll be the first to have it.

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Special invites & Newsletter
Presale invites
Want to be the first to know about our sale events? If you’re an Access All Areas member, you can rest assured you’ll be the first to know.

Store event invites
Our retail stores do a lot of fun stuff - host running clubs, film nights, ski sanding days and more. As a member of Access All Areas, you’ll always receive a special invite whenever there’s something going on. If you signed up in-store, we’ll let you know of that store’s events. Signed up online? Just choose your closest location and we’ll keep you in the loop of all the events taking place there.

As an Access All Areas member, you can sign up to our newsletter which we use to tell you about upcoming events and all the latest news from Peak Performance. Want to unsubscribe? No problem - but you’ll be missing out!
Digital Receipt & Purchase history
Digital Services
Digital receipt
We’ll send you a digital copy of your receipt with all purchases - manage them all on your account page.

Transparent purchase history
Another Access All Areas perk - simple access to purchase history. We’ll hold onto information of all your purchases for you to easily consult whenever you need to. Just mention your Access All Areas ID (your email address) when purchasing in-store and we’ll add the info to your online account. Easy.
Help us help you
We want to make sure you have the best experience with us as possible. Whether it’s keeping you warm and protected on the slopes, or providing you with a digital receipt for easy filing, we would be nowhere without your satisfaction.
Your choice to join Access All Areas is invaluable to us, that’s why we promise to work as hard as we can to treat you with the care you deserve.
Welcome to Access All Areas.

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