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PEAK PERFORMANCE Employee purchase program has been set up by Amer Sports UK Limited, a UK company registered under number: 02757365, having its main office at Theta Building Lyon Way, Frimley, Surrey GU16 7ER, United Kingdom.


The Employee purchase program is available to: employees, VIP, professionals complying with the conditions and criteria as defined by PEAK PERFORMANCE having purchased PEAK PERFORMANCE products (the “Products”) through the Program available at the following URL: https://www.peakperformance.com/ie (the “Online Store”).



1. How to join the Employee Purchase Program[LC1] 


To enjoy the benefits of this program, you will need to join the program by creating a PRO/VIP/Employee account. The privileges of this account will then be tailored to your profile.

The Program is free of charge.



2. Conditions of Use of the Program


The Products offered through the Program are intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This program is not intended to purchase products for others or to resell the Products; doing so will jeopardize your participation in this program.


By joining the Program you will be able to purchase Products at special price shown on the Online Store. These prices shall be considered as strictly confidential, and are granted to you in consideration of your profile. They should not be copied or otherwise distributed.


Your account has a limit determined by the access code received. This limit determines the total value of Products you can order, Products selection available for purchase, and quantity per category allowed.


 Your VIP account will expire within one year of the time of creation, and you Employee account when leaving the company. Once the maximum spent amount or the expiry date is reached, whichever the earlier, you will still be able to purchase Product on the Online Store but at the usual retail price as indicated on said Online Store.


Only Products available in stock can be purchased through the Online Store, no pre order will be accepted.


Delivery is free for all logged in members with VIP / Employee account.



3. Modifications, suspension or ending of the PEAK PERFORMANCE Employee Purchase Program


This Program remains a privilege offered by PEAK PERFORMANCE. Therefore, PEAK PERFORMANCE reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or terminate the program and its terms and conditions without explanation or notice, and without compensation.



4. Liability


Your PEAK PERFORMANCE account credentials are personal and not transferable. You are solely responsible for your credentials and are required not to disclose your login details to anyone.


PEAK PERFORMANCE will not be liable for any fraudulent use of your account by a third party.


The resale of Products acquired through the program or other abuse of the program will result in termination of your access to the Program.


PEAK PERFORMANCE will make its best efforts to ensure the optimal use of the privileges related to the Program.



5. Acceptance of terms and conditions:


By using this Program you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the PEAK PERFORMANCE Program. These conditions are available at the following URL: [add URL for specific country][LC2] 


The provisions of these terms are not intended to exclude any statutory rights granted to you by law, rights which you cannot waive or which cannot be limited by contract.

Any order placed through this Program, is subject to the general terms and conditions applicable for any purchase on the Online store available at the following URL : [add URL for specific country]


You need to connect to the website of your country in order to start shopping.

 [LC1]How is the account created?

 [LC2]This sentence does not make sense to me, as there is no references in the general terms and conditions to a Wilson / Salomon / Peak “program”. Do you have any knowledge about who has been involved with drafting the employee terms and conditions from business side?

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