Velaero – Our most luxurious ski-line

This luxurious ski jacket offers element protection and microclimate perfection. Breathable insulation, 4-way stretch and 3D mesh ventilation for a new level of comfort. The exceptional craftsmanship will amaze you.

  • Velaero

    Ventilation and Aerogel

    The name itself, Velaero, comes from Ventilation and Aerogel — which are two important elements used to control the temperature and climate within our ski jackets.

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    Silica Aerogel was originally developed by NASA for use in aeronautical applications. It consists of more than 95% air – creating a highly porous, low-density structure that efficiently locks out cold and heat. When integrating Aerogel into PrimaLoft® fibers a new level of insulation is achieved – with enhanced warmth even in wet conditions.

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