ADVANSA ThermoCoolTM® yarn is designed to optimize the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections. DuoregulationTM fiber technology helps you to stay warm when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot.

How does ThermoCoolTM® work?

ADVANSA ThermoCoolTM® yarn with DuoregulationTM® is designed to keep you in your Comfort Zone across different temperature changes and activity levels. The fabric interacts with the body by balancing temperature changes, helping to conserve energy levels and improve wellness.

Feeling too HOT?

ADVANSA ThermoCoolTM® yarn with DuoregulationTM® yarn evaporates moisture faster than other materials thanks to its unique fiber mix. The fibers are designed to provide added evaporative surface, outstanding moisture transport and enhanced air circulation, focusing energy on the evaporation process.


Feeling too COLD?

The fiber combination in the fabric provides a lightweight material with thermo-buffering properties, designed to protect the user from temperature changes. It also helps to prevent post-exercise chill while still allowing excess heat to dissipate into the air.

ThermoCool Performance Levels

  • ADVANSA ThermoCoolTM® PRO: Multi-functional DuoregulationTM for the extreme athlete.
  • ADVANSA ThermoCoolTM®: Multi-functional thermoregulation for active individuals.
  • ADVANSA ThermoCoolTM Lining®: For an added touch of comfort.

Certified fabrics made with ADVANSA ThermoCoolTM® are regularly tested to ensure they continue to meet ADVANSA's high standards. The garments are made from approved fabrics that meet the certification ADVANSA requires from all manufacturers.