A schoeller® technology

This combination enables the Feelgood Technology 3XDRY® to prevent noticeable perspiration marks, to generate a comfortable cooling-effect, as well as to improve dirt and water repellence. Clothes finished with 3XDRY® keeps your body dry over a longer period and even after washing the garment is dry in a flash.

Advantages of 3XDRY®:

  • Minimizes perspiration marks.

    Only the inside of the textile absorbs moisture. Perspiration marks are practically invisible from the outside
  • Stimulates a cooling effect.

    With 3XDRY® technology perspiration evaporates close to the body. This assists the natural cooling function of the body and ensures more energy during active phases.
  • Repels water and stain.

    Textiles with 3XDRY® treatment are significantly less susceptible to water, dirt and stains

Functions of 3XDRY®: