The Cohæsive™ System embeds functional components into the fabric of a garment. It includes an engineered adhesive, tools and procedures to install the world’s best cord management hardware.

How Cohaesive works®:

  • Cohaesive components are enginneered to laminate directly to laset cut textiles
  • CNC machined top tool transfers heat and pressure from the press
  • Cord locking function carried out by hard, durable polymer whereas the adhesive bond is made on soft, flexible flange
  • Specially developed adhesive bonds the component to the fabric
  • CNC machined base fixture holds the component for perfect placement

Advantages of Cohaesive®

  • Direct grip, easy one-handed adjustment
  • Covertly installed components make the technology almost invisible
  • Embedded components become as strong as the fabric around them
  • Faster and easier to install than the traditional hardware methods

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