Peak Performance Retail

Peak Performance Retail

Do you want to be a part of creating an industry-leading consumer experience? Peak Performance have around 50 stores around the globe, where a modern design and digital solutions help create the best customer experience possible. We want to be the exception in the business, elevating our level of service above and beyond expectations. We achieve this by allowing our Peak Performers to be themselves: communicating the values of our brand to customers through the filter of their own unique personalities with genuine passion.

Our stores are more than a place to work, they’re a place to meet new friends and feel at home. Our quest is to be a source of energy for both customers and co-workers, and we actively seek to further develop our employees with continuous training and coaching.

Meet our employees

Caroline – Store manager in Östersund
How long have you worked at Peak Performance?
Since September 2014.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The ability to share my energy and passion for my biggest interests with the people I meet, both customers and colleagues, through Peak Performance spirit and products.

How do you view your colleagues?
My colleagues are also some of my best friends. We work, laugh and head out on adventures together. If we feel good together I think our customers will feel good together with us too.

Adam – Employed in Barkarby Outlet
How long have you worked at Peak Performance?
I’ve been employed at Peak Performance since May 2016.

How has your time at Peak Performance affected you as a person?
I’ve developed on so many levels during my time at Peak Performance. Partly within the industry since I hadn’t worked in retail before, so it’s increased my understanding for all that that entails. But I’ve also grown on a personal level and found new ways of looking at things.

Are you competitive? And if so, what makes you a winner?
Am I competitive? Yes! And what makes me a winner is partly the fact that I tend to do things I’m passionate about, but mainly the fact that I’ve realised it’s so much easier to win if you do it together as a team. It’s also a lot more fun that way.

Open applications

Open applications

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If you're interested in an Internship at Peak Performance, please register your application/CV in our database. The number and duration of internships is subject to business demands, so when we have a vacant internship matching your profile, we will contact you. Your application will be stored for up to 6 months.

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