Ski Team

Lucas Stål Madison

Meet Lucas Stål Madison, one of the most interesting profiles on the freeskiing scene right now. Lucas had his international breakthrough in 2012 while winning Superunknown IX. His personal style and creative way of expressing himself through skiing is something truly unique. Lucas grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm with the dream of becoming a professional skier and the strong willpower to reach his goals. As Lucas himself would describe it: ”My skiing is based on making the most out of something.”He finds his inspiration by exploring different areas in life, like art, videos, people, sport or whatever flips the switch. Lucas loves pushing himself outside his comfort-zone and bringing unexpected things to the table. He is also a huge fan of banana pancakes. "1 banana 2 eggs, mix em up, flip em. Some cinnamon on top, maybe some blueberries. Best breaky in the game", says Lucas.

When he´s not creating films like Finito and Float, he works to raise climate change awareness in the community. Lucas has a deep dedication for the environment and will work on projects together with us at Peak Performance towards a more sustainable industry. We are beyond excited for Lucas to join our team and believe there are no boundaries for what we can accomplish together.