Golf Team

Joakim Lagergren

Meet our skilled 27-year old from Sweden - Joakim Lagergren! Despite his young age, Joakim has been around the world of golf for a long time. He got into golf at a young age through his family and has loved the game ever since. Joakim has always been a huge talent in his field. His fearless approach to every stroke on the course together with his competitive mindset has brought him both success and recognition on the European Tour.

His way of playing has also put a lot of demand on the way he is training, both on and off season. It's all about finding the right movement and building strong but yet explosive muscles. Clean and deadlift are the two favourite exercises in the gym to build up the body for the season which is almost all year around. Besides golfing, house music has a special place in the heart for Joakim. The headphones are constantly on during the ride to the golf club and it's the perfect start for an epic day on the course.