Ski Team

Henrik Windstedt

Henrik Windstedt is widely acknowledged as one of the best freeride skiers in the world. Just like Peak Performance, he has his roots in Åre, Sweden, and was practically born on skis. Growing up with a father who was an instructor, he started tearing down slopes almost as soon as he could walk. These days, he has boasted his talent all over the world by being incredibly successful in competitions. His résumé includes winning the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships six times as well as being a former champ of the prestigious Freeride World Tour.

Henrik’s technical abilities to dominate big lines with style, speed and massive airs can only be described as mind-blowing. Maybe the key to his success can be found in his life philosophy: “set your goals – but don’t forget to have fun.” When Henrik isn’t traveling the world skiing, he spends his time skateboarding, surfing or playing golf. He also loves to just be around his family and friends.