Everybody is somebody at Peak Performance

We’re all different, and at Peak Performance that’s something we want to celebrate. Bringing together people who are energetic, sporty, urban and dynamic. We love unique personalities and abilities, and together everyone’s contribution creates our success. We perform, win and lose together as a team – always with a healthy dose of humbleness.

With offices and stores all over the world, we provide the opportunity to develop and grow within the company under supportive leadership and ample training along the way. We’re small enough for you to play a key role regardless of your position, but big enough to have a global presence. At Peak Performance, you get the best of both worlds.

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Where do you see yourself at Peak Performance?

Where do you see yourself at Peak Performance?

HQ & Global Sales

Peak Performance HQ is home to our main departments: Design, Sourcing & Production, E-Commerce, Retail Back Office, Wholesale, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. Learn more & meet our employees


Peak Performance have around 50 stores around the globe, where a modern design and digital solutions help create the best customer experience possible. Learn more & meet our employees

The Peak Performance Culture

The Peak Performance Culture

At Peak Performance, we have a way of living constituted by our shared values. To join our team, the following is something you should feel connected to


We do things for real. Or not at all. We do what we believe in and we do it to make a difference. We are simply obsessed with doing exceptional things. This dedication is what makes our hearts beat and our adrenaline rush. It’s what drives us and makes us push limits. It’s addictive and it’s contagious, and it’s at the core of everything we do. It’s the most powerful emotion of them all.
It’s true Passion


Anyone who interacts with us will notice that we have something special. We are more than just a group of individuals that work together. We’re more like good friends, like family. We watch out for each other and care for each other. We work hard together, but also play and have fun together. We believe in each other and value one another. We treat everyone we meet with respect and always aim to leave a positive impression.
We call it Togetherhood.

Winning Spirit

Winning Spirit We go above and beyond in the pursuit of perfection. We know where to go and what it takes to get there. We lead the way and never give up. We take on challenges and aim to win. We win because we believe we can win. It’s something that comes from within.
It’s a Winning Spirit.

Current Openings

Current Openings

We are currently searching for the following positions:

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Open applications

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Peak Performance Headquarters

Visit contact:
Peak Performance Production AB
Magasin 1, Frihamnen
115 56 Stockholm

Postal contact:
Peak Performance Production AB
Box 27224
102 53 Stockholm

Peak Performance Online Shop

If you have questions regarding the Peak Performance online shop, please visit our Help Pages.

Amer Sports Corporation

If you want to read more about Amer Sports click here to go to their website.


The Peak Performance Franchise Store concept has been a success ever since starting in 1995. The cooperation gives retailers the opportunity to become a part of a strong and international business concept and brand that is constantly growing.


The retailer invests in the shop and pays a fixed price for a design plan, a furniture system, SP-material, flooring, lighting and furniture installation.

The retailer is also responsible for all costs related to renovating the shops according to Peak Performance’s standards (ceiling, floors and walls, depending on local conditions and factors).

A Peak Performance cash terminal and back office solution is required.


A net sales area of 110 - 250 sq.m. Information about store performance, turnover level, key figures, rental rates and so forth - please get in contact with us.

    Dealer benefits

  • Store concept
  • Complete year around collection structure: Active wear and Casual wear
  • Daily support available from local sales organization and customer service
  • Training from product and selling clinic
  • Peak Performance concept manual
  • Cash terminal
  • Support from the Peak Performance merchandise team


If you have any questions, inquiries or would like some additional information on how you can open and run your own Peak Performance store, we would be happy to help you. Please contact:

adam.hestner@peakperformance.se, International Sales

Our Story

Åre, a mountain village in the Swedish province of Jämtland, 1986.

One day, three talented skiers got together to discuss a few things that they had been thinking about, based on their own experiences. Firstly, why was no one making clothes that they wanted to wear? Clothes that combined excellent functionality with simple, cool design; not flashy, but still not boring. Secondly, was there any way that they could stay longer and more often in the ski resort they all loved – the little mountain village of Åre in the heart of the Swedish mountains?

The three skiers made up an unusually good group of people to find the answers. Stefan Engström was a world-class mogul skier with several World Cup wins to his credit. Peter Blom was editor-in-chief of the country’s biggest ski magazine. Christer Mårtensson was an art director and designer. Before long, they were joined by a fourth person, former alpine skier and ski salesman Jonas Ottosson.

It turned out that the answer to both questions was Peak Performance. The team’s ambitions didn’t initially extend much beyond making some clothes for themselves and their friends, in sufficient quantities to make a living from it. But the outside world wanted more. In the late 1980s, people were tired of extravagance and superficiality. Everybody missed the real thing that comes with genuine quality. A plaid flannel shirt was suddenly the answer, rather than neon and glitter. Grunge replaced synthesizers in the music industry and Peak Performance replaced a number of flashy brands on the ski slopes.

The people of Åre are of course proud of the brand that has built a global reputation. But locals are still just as skeptical of anyone that tries to brag or show off. You prove your worth on the slopes, on the rapids, on your bike, at work, or maybe by your ability to tell a good story around the fire at dusk. And if you can do it in style, you get an extra approving nod.



Turn the time machine back to 1986. Platoon and The Color of Money were premiering at the movies. “We are the world” was winning all the Grammy awards and Jan Hammer was writing the theme song to Miami Vice. Diego Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup, Boris Becker beat Ivan Lendl in the Wimbledon final and Ingemar Stenmark scored his 82nd World Cup win.

At the same time, a little Swedish winter sports resort experienced a boom that felt like a supernova. 1986 was the year it all happened in Åre. Everybody was there and we mean everybody. Some probably didn’t know exactly why, but they were there all the same. They took the hill to the bar and to the discotheque. Others started on a whole other journey. This was the winter of 1986 when Peak Performance was formed by a gang of indomitable ski enthusiasts just back from Sun Valley, Idaho.

Anyone who has visited Åre knows there are more challenges than simply conquering the slopes. Åre is an incredible spot but the weather is truly unpredictable. It demands patience, stubbornness and a real passion for skiing to withstand the cold, the darkness and, at times, the lack of snow.

From the very start, our business was shaped by what we ourselves found important. Finding the right design and technical solution was paramount. And this strategy worked, as it continues to today, above all expectations. Orders generated by our first mail order catalog overwhelmed the little post office in town. So much so that they had to take on more personnel just to keep up. During the early years, most things took longer to do than they should have. After all, Peak Performance was a company founded by skiers – people who more than anything else wanted to ski come winter. Man and nature in perfect harmony, as our saying goes. Some days the telephones weren’t manned and the mail wasn’t opened – our staff tossed design ideas around while riding the ski lift up to the top of Åre’s highest peak.

Anyone who managed to find our little office in Åre was often confronted with a sign on the front door that read: Gone skiing. Nights at our modest headquarters were spent designing new garments, working on new catalog sketches and packing orders. That was a great time. And it would become better.



Åre, in the Swedish province of Jämtland. Zip Code 830 13. There’s only one Åre. But then in fact there are so many places like it. Cortina, Chamonix, Vail, Aspen, Verbier, Zermatt and St Moritz.

All classic ski resorts with the same feeling of exclusivity and tradition as Åre. They all have something in common. That same fervent passion and sense of values shared by the world’s leading ski resorts. You might say it was our goal from the very beginning. To hang our sign outside a ski shop in one of these historic European and American venues as fast as we possibly could. It turned out not to be that easy. These were not the most progressive of places. Expansive and unique for sure. But they were and are also true to their long history. Shop locations and the like are often handed down from one generation to another. To suddenly make room for a gang of Scandinavians in smart new jackets was not part of their game plan exactly.

You might just say Peak stood alone on a dark piste full of obstacles. The perfect challenge. The kind we love to tackle. After some of the local bigwigs went skiing with our financial director things began to lighten up. They hadn’t realized that our number cruncher was a former Swedish freestyle champion. Or that our sales manager had competed in the moguls event in the Olympics. And that one of our founders had accumulated a number of World Cup distinctions. They were in for a big surprise. When the local stars accompanied these clothing salesmen up the mountain to teach them a thing or two, they all suddenly found out these guys were the genuine articles.

From Zip Code 830 13 to a new start. Number: 1. Real clothes for real skiers.



Ten years into its development, Peak Performance has become a large company. Well known, well established and much appreciated. And successful. Constantly renewing itself.

Ever seen fish swimming in a school? They swerve to the left and to the right. Up and down, never stopping. They cling together despite, or perhaps because of, their sheer numbers. Like a large energy force. Peak Performance had become like that. A movement, a uniform glow, a large force with strong individuals all moving toward the same objective without being too predictable.

When Peak Performance blew out the candles on its 10th anniversary cake, the company was stronger than ever. We continued to grow in number and the company’s objectives were fine-tuned. The leverage each employee exerted was enormous. The engine was revving high and the speed continued to increase. Merits kept piling up.

New stores, a stock market debut, Whitbread victory with the EF yacht, launch in Japan, shirts and sports jackets in tweed, three-ply Gore-Tex® jackets, new office, a rising stock price, sponsorship contracts, one trade fair after another, and more employees. The lights never went out at the Stockholm headquarter. There was always someone there attending to something that needed to be done. Or there were final arrangements to be made for an internal party.

The marketing department coined the phrase, The Great Outdoors. A characterization of a brand of skis that would come to include so much more. An outdoor experience, extreme sports, wilderness, training. A desire to be outdoors rather than indoors. That’s what Peak Performance is all about. In our design studio, the laboratory where our new super-technical products were developed, our over-worked design boss found time to set up a sign entitled: “The Great Indoors”. But he still managed to ski more than 60 days a year and surf 25. Wearing new Peak clothes of course. He was not alone.



Fredrik Jacobsson, Helen Alfredsson, Suzann Pettersen and more. Not a bad golf team, if we say so ourselves. Robban Olsson, Stina Jakobsson, Henrik Windstedt & Co: Peak’s Ski Team was made up of top skiers who attracted excitement and respect wherever they decided to compete.

Peak Performance had grown a lot and was still growing. In every possible way. It was a lot more than a patch on a jacket. It had always been so much more. For us it was, and still is today, a life culture. No matter whether it’s golf or free-riding at its best.

Peak Performance broke into the new century with 2,000 new ideas. Some of them were already being realized. We launched our new flagship store – the large Peak Performance store in the heart of downtown Stockholm. Not to mention our new stores in Düsseldorf and Dubai.

We widened our collection, discovered new functional materials for running and developed a new workout collection. We climbed onto mountain bikes in our new Peak clothes, secure in the knowledge that we hadn’t even come half way yet.

We were just getting started.



Love of sports. Love of nature. Our guiding principles are the same today as they were almost 30 years ago.

30 years with Peak Performance have rocketed by. And when we defy our own nature by looking back over our shoulder, we realize just how incredibly fast the time has gone by.

Yes, time goes fast when you’re having so much fun. But it still feels like yesterday when the initial idea came to us. That’s when we decided to rewrite the map on skiwear. Like it was only yesterday that we stood at our drawing table in Åre designing a dream that was about to come true.

From where we’re sitting, very little has really changed. OK, the structure has changed and a new professional business system has been introduced, new people are in place and technology has continued to develop. Peak Performance has gone from being a garage-size company to a market-leading brand.

But our foundation is the same. Our love of sports and of nature. There’s not a lot to change there. In fact, nothing at all.

Our eyes are set on the future.



Three decades since our start, we’ve found ourselves expanding into a number of activities. Golf, skiing, training, running and a casual line strongly connected to our ski resort roots. What could possibly be our next move?

As it turns out, we didn’t have to look for the answer. It was right here at Peak Perfomance. Our lives have become more fast-paced dependent on finding smart solutions. For us, being active was now more than sports, more than a hobby or a way to enjoy free time. It is how we get to work, how we travel and how we relax, by ourselves and among friends. As professionals, as skiers, golfers, runners, creatives and as adventurers — it is our everyday life.

We started rethinking how to serve every aspect of the modern life. By taking our know-how of functionality and quality and seamlessly fusing it with modern design. Clothing created for everyday use in the urban environment. Of course, we’ll never forget our roots on the slope and passionately continue to make the very best ski gear we can, always developed together with professional skiers.

In the end it’s all about freedom. Being able to make the most out of every opportunity, knowing that we’re always prepared for anything. From slopes to streets, from bike to bar, from work to workout — this is Peak Performance.

Press & Media

Peak Performance Mediabox.

Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Sweet Communication
Contact person: Pauline Schöfbeck
Phone: +49 89 450 290 16

Peak Performance
Contact person: Malin Graffman

Corporate Responsibility - OUR NEVER-ENDING EXPEDITION

We design garments that last. Functional and contemporary pieces in classic cuts that you want to keep close for a long time. We believe in relations that last. Because with long-term partners and friends we build a long-term business. We make resources last. By constantly improving materials, processes and design we create more performance with less impact. We are devoted to make our planet last. The mountains, the streets and the trails is our place for adventures. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. It´s our never-ending expedition.


In a fast-changing world, long-lasting success requires a business to pay attention and integrate sustainability into its business model. We have started that journey by improving our understanding of how our decisions impact sustainability. This year, we have taken important steps to make our business last. Having incorporated corporate responsibility into our business plan, we are launching our first Sustainability Report to show where we are, to demonstrate to our people that we’re proud of their work, and to create alignment around the way ahead.


Brand Vision

To be the world’s leading sports fashion brand for the active consumer.

Brand Mission

To empower an active lifestyle with the perfect mix of style and performance in a commercial, high-quality and sustainable product offering.

Nature has been our playground since we started our company in 1986. We make clothes for consumers who love an active lifestyle. To continue doing this, we must reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

The world is changing faster than ever. As the need for action on environmental challenges like climate change, pollution, resource shortages and biodiversity loss becomes more apparent and urgent, we must reduce our impact. Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it must permeate every level of business.

At Peak Performance, we made sustainability part of our business strategy in 2014. Since then, we have continuously updated our approach in response to our changing circumstances, expectations and ambitions.

Our sustainability approach

We take a value chain approach to sustainability, which means we aim to reduce our impact from the sourcing of raw materials right through to how our consumers use and dispose of our products.

In 2018, we updated our sustainability strategy to focus more on the opportunities that sustainability creates. When approached in a creative and innovative way, sustainability can have a hugely positive impact on both our day-to-day work and our business’ impact and long-term growth. It challenges us to think differently about our purpose, our role and our future.

Our sustainability framework

Our value chain approach to sustainability means we have divided our work into three areas: Brand, Product and Partners. Alongside this, we look at sustainability in terms of People, Planet and Profit.

We are using the UN Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to further structure and guide our work. We have identified SDG 12 (Responsible consumption and production) as our main goal. However, we also recognise that SDG 17 (Sustainable development through global partnership) is critical to reaching our targets and making a positive impact.

Our sustainability work complements our values of Passion, Winning Spirit and Togetherhood.

In 2017, we conducted our first materiality assessment to identify our areas of greatest impact and greatest potential. We further focused this work in 2018 to fit our strategy refresh. Having identified 25 material issues, we ran risk assessments to identify the most critical and to prioritise our action plan.

However, we recognise all 25 identified issue areas are important, and that focusing on the top few is not good enough. In 2018, we started to map all 25 issues onto the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to make sure our efforts are aligned with the UN’s approach.

Why we work with sustainability

Linear business models are a thing of the past. By shifting towards a circular model and creating products that last longer, we will change our impact for the better – reducing waste, using resources more wisely, and engaging with consumers and employees around their roles, rights and responsibilities.

For us, working in a sustainable way means control over our business practises, conscious decisions about creating our product assortment, and the cautious use of resources. When we get it right, we know it will impact our business positively, giving us a ‘reason to operate’ and – as a consequence - loyalty from our customers and end consumers.


We design products that last. The core of Peak Performance is timeless design sewn in the best materials. Innovation and breaking new grounds is our reason for being. This means it’s not unusual for us to meet a parka from decades ago, or a pair of trousers that has hiked miles and miles all around the globe. It’s always a dear reunion.


Globally, the apparel industry is estimated to be responsible for between 2% and 10% of GHG emissions. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) predicts that if our industry continues on its current growth and impact trajectory, it would be responsible for 26% of the global carbon budget by 2050. A ‘business-as-usual’ approach isn’t just irresponsible, it’s incredibly short-sighted.

It is therefore imperative that our industry acts to reduce its climate impact for the long-term. To do this effectively, we must tackle the areas of our value chain with the greatest impact.

Most of the apparel industry’s GHG emissions are generated during raw material production, supply chain processing and assembly, transportation, and in customer product care and disposal. According to a recent Quanties report (quantis-intl.com/measuring-fashion-report-2018/), the production, dyeing and finishing of materials and products is responsible for 36% of our industry’s value chain impact. Therefore we are focusing on these areas in our sustainability work.

From 2014 to today

In 2014, our previous owner conducted a review of the environmental impact of our supply chain, along with four others brands in its portfolio. The report showed that our joint impact comes from the following:

  • 39% from raw material production
  • 37% from wet processing, fabric manufacturing and yarn spinning
  • 24% from ready-made suppliers

As a result of this report, we could see how and where to prioritise our action to reduce the impact of the fibres we were sourcing for our business.

In 2016, Peak Performance joined the European Clothing Action Plan to better understand and address our fibre impact. At the same time, we created our first Material and Product strategy. This guides us in procuring more sustainable materials. It also helps us choose which suppliers to work with and helps us work with them in a way that builds strong and sustainable relationships. As part of this strategy, we created a ‘fabric library’, which lists our preferred materials, most of which are favoured for their sustainability credentials.

The long view

Longevity has always been important to us. We built our brand on high-quality products that last, and often meet consumers who still use products from our first ever collections. Of course, this makes us proud, but it also sets an high bar when it comes to quality and design. We always have consumers in mind when we’re developing products, with a promise to exceed their expectations. This involves continually working to improve how we deliver those levels of quality.


To make sure our garments have their natural place in your closet over time, they need the capacity to handle all adventures to come – endure seasons in both weather and fashion, be durable, withstand tear and physical challenges. By looking into every detail, cut, fabric, function and performance – we invent longevity.


Design is not only about timeless looks and function. It’s every bit as much about acknowledging challenges and understanding that the better design – the better the performance. We celebrate resources. We hate waste. That’s why our design process always starts with understanding who, where, how and why.


Exceptional quality in our products means freedom to explore and focus on the things that matters the most. That’s why we work with the best fabric and trim suppliers in the industry. Our standards are among the highest in the business, and yet we’re only a fraction of our competitors size.

Taking care

Clothes are a part of your history. By taking care of your clothes you reduce environmental impact and increase longevity. That’s why we’re working with Clevercare. Clevercare gives you advice on how to wash and care for your garment in the best way for both the garment and the environment. Read more

Give away

When we develop products, samples is a part of the process to achieve maximum performance out of design. Instead of letting the garments go to waste, we give our overstock to organizations such as Human Bridge – an organization that collects and sends clothes, shoes and textiles to people in poverty. Read More


Our winning spirit drives us to aim for the best outcome. By constantly improving our materials, processes and design, we create better performance with less impact. We are working hard to improve our overall environmental performance and minimise the impact of our use of energy, materials and chemicals, and our waste creation. Reducing our climate impact guides all our decisions.

Our risk and impact

A thriving future for our planet is synonymous with a thriving future for our business: we cannot have one without the other. However, shifting to this mindset is challenging and takes time. In part, that’s because the pace of change is so fast – what was best practice yesterday is no longer good enough. To stay relevant and responsible as a business, we therefore need to dedicate resources to staying part of the debate, and to acknowledge and – where appropriate – embrace new theories and methods for sustainable business.

We also need to consider how a planet that’s increasingly affected by climate change will fundamentally change the nature of adventure. At Peak Performance, we are open to thinking creatively and radically about our role in the future of adventure. What we do know is that, whatever that role is, it will need to be fully sustainable.

Climate change

Our business’ biggest impact on the planet comes from production.

Becoming more sustainable as a business is an active choice that we have to keep making every day – it won’t just happen. We can only keep moving forwards by measuring our impact, evaluating the results and setting new targets. Rolling this approach out across our value chain is tough but necessary and urgent.

To that end, we recently signed up to the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) as one of three founding brands. This means we are part of driving change in the Swedish textile industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to show leadership even though we still have a lot of work to do. Because we are quite a small company with limited resources, our fastest way forward is to team up with others and to learn ‘on the job’. Read more


The outdoor industry has a long history of seeing the potential in using different chemicals to enhance the performance of fabrics in terms of water resistance, wind protection etc. But chemicals are also a big problem for biodiversity and nature since many of the substances practically never degenerates and highly affect water and living creatures. How they affect us humans, we yet don’t know. Read more

We see it as our responsibility to take action and carefully monitor and minimize all use of chemicals during production and for our products. For example we have joined Kemikaliegruppen/Swerea – a cooperation to get the latest updates of laws and regulations for chemicals and other environmental related issues. Read more

The welfare of animals

We have a strong belief that all living creatures should be treated with respect and consequently we work to promote animal welfare with regards to any materials derived from animals used in our products. We ensure that materials can be traced to a specific animal and in constant dialogue with our suppliers we ensure that only skins from farm animals such as sheep, cows, goats, rabbits and pigs are used.

We do not accept:

  • Down and feathers plucked from live birds. We only buy down that is RDS certified and traceable. In 2018 we certified Peak Performance according to the standard as a brand.
  • Merino wool from sheep where mulesing has been used.
  • Materials sourced from animals listed on the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) or the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) list of endangered species.

If you want to know more about the initiatives we are taking in terms of CR, you are welcome to contact us at customercare@peakperformance.com


Even though we like remote adventures, no man is an island. For us, cooperation is fundamental. We believe in relations that last.

Our employees are key to combining and creating the best solutions for our products and our planet. We believe in growing every day. Employee capacity building and taking part in an active lifestyle is an important part of building our company values.

At the same time, successful sustainability work needs strong collaboration. We partner with the best to be able to influence and have a positive impact on our suppliers. We also work with other brands. We aim for a transparent supply chain that all partners can be proud of and take part in. We are capacity building with our partners and working with common standards.

Our employees

At Peak Performance, we celebrate our differences, bringing together people who are energetic, sporty, urban and dynamic. We love unique personalities and abilities because everyone’s contribution creates our success. Our employees all play their part in creating the best solutions for our products and our planet. With a healthy dose of humility, we perform – win or lose - as a team.

Our values of Togetherhood, Passion and Winning Spirit are the source of our performance and productive engagement. We aim for a top-class working environment that is built on workflow and healthy, active lifestyles.

To achieve our business results, we need a high-performing team. To create this, we have set a clear People Strategy that is focused on strong leadership, stretch goals, a culture of feedback and cross-functional collaboration. Our strategy aims to ensure sustainable business success today and in the future. It is designed to attract and retain talent, to develop and motivate our employees and to create a high-performing working culture. It creates a highly engaged and motivated workforce with a collaborative and growth focused mind -set.

We have designed our People Strategy to align with our company strategy and business initiatives. We are always striving to grow and, by connecting our capability building with the acquisition and development of talent (internally and externally), we are building an organisation that is fit for the future.

Our Partners

We work hard to improve the whole supply chain of our business. By creating long and deep relations we ensure that we are working towards achieving meaningful and long-term results.

Our partners are carefully selected with sustainability performance as a major criteria. We believe that by using a partnership approach, we can promote and impact a responsible supply chain through constant dialog. Every year, we conduct workshops together with our suppliers to improve their understanding of sustainability as well as to listen how we can improve our own performance and help them with the challenges that they face.

Supplier management

  • Rigorous onboarding procedure with stringent quality requirements and review of social compliance
  • Thorough contracting and compliance process
  • Continuous cooperative performance development
  • Systematic and strategic segmentation of suppliers

Supplier partnership

  • Frequent, ongoing in-person interaction
  • Partner rewards with true dedication to relations and brand
  • Maintaining deep and genuine relationships
  • Share growth plans and commit on business plans

Partner – These suppliers can offer us quality products and a high level of innovation, capacity agreements and responsible business. They have a stable history and have been with us for more than three years. Today, we have 12 partner suppliers, which represent 87% of our total value for 2018. Some of our partners have been with us more than 15 years.

Preffered – These suppliers are fully approved and audited, and have maintained good relations with our business for at least one year. We usually create a strategy with our Preferred partners for how they can become a partner. They are tracking well according to our KPI’s of value, quality compliance and delivery. Today, we have 16 preferred suppliers, which represent around 10% of our total value.

Potential– These suppliers either offer niche products or are new to us and must prove themselves over several seasons. They must meet minimum set of requirements, including compliance and sustainability measures.

Social compliance in our supply chain — risk and challenges

Today, we work with 33 suppliers with 46 facilities in different countries. Almost 100% of our production takes place in countries outside Sweden, most of which are defined as risk countries from a human rights perspective according to Amfori/BSCI. These risk countries include China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Turkey and Romania. A country qualifies as a ‘risk country’ if it scores poorly in the Worldwide Governance Indicators’ following six metrics:

Voice and Accountability, Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism, Government Effectiveness, Regulatory Quality, Rule of Law and Control of Corruption.

We carefully track our global footprint to maintain a well-diversified geographic mix of markets. In recent years, this has required cost-effective reallocation initiatives that were completed without any compromise on quality or social compliance issues. We also track our footprint to scan and monitor human rights risks in each of our supplier countries. To do that properly, we work with (among others) the following partners.

Our network

A successful sustainability work needs strong collaboration. We partner up with the best to be able to influence and have a positive impact on our suppliers. As well, we do work with other brand as well, close communication and sharing is key.

We join forces with:

  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) – our external partner making sure our suppliers work according to our Code of Conduct. They unite over 1300 companies around one common Code of Conduct and they support us in our efforts towards building an ethical supply chain. Read more
  • Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) – SFA educates and equips us and other leaders and entrepreneurs in different companies with the knowledge and tools we need to develop and drive sustainable apparel innovations. Read more
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) – a trade organization comprised of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government, and non-governmental organizations and academic experts, representing more than a third of the global apparel and footwear market. All participants are working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world. Read more

Peak Performance and Better Cotton Initiatives

Peak Performance is a member of Better Cotton Initiative and we support the Initiative by sourcing our cotton as Better Cotton. Supporting BCI means that we are part of making the cotton industry more sustainable and responsible. Our goal is to source 100% more sustainable cotton by the year of 2020, including Better Cotton and Organic Cotton.


Our customers are not only our biggest inspiration, they are also our most important and challenging stakeholder. Their determination, winning spirit and high demands is something that motivates us to constantly evolve and find new ways and ideas. It’s our goal to make their adventures last. We do so by keeping our ears and eyes open, and continue to innovate, design and manufacture garments that meet their needs and desires.

Peak Performance Win Gold at the ISPO Award for the Fifth Year in a Row

“With the beautifully designed Argon Hoody, Peak Performance introduces a superlight, technical insulation that completely reflects today's eco-conscious mind-set,” says Maximilian Praxenthaler, senior buyer Zalando and ISPO Award jury member.

Peak Performance are appointed Gold Winner in the category of Snowsports – Midliner at the ISPO Award for their new product Argon – a uniquely developed technical jacket with synthetic eco-padding from Thermore®.

The multifunctional jacket is a perfect example of how Peak Performance constantly strive to be groundbreaking and innovative – always with the environment in mind. Argon is a sustainable jacket featuring a unique quilt pattern and woven channels, crafted from recycled polyester and recycled filling.

“With Argon, we at Peak Performance are introducing a completely new technique to the market, where the filling is blown into woven channels in a manner that avoids stich lines. The result is a more wind resistant product, because the air is prevented from leaking in through the channels,” says Maria Bovin, Design Manager for Peak Performance Active.

The jacket is ideal for high intensity activities, because it’s both breathable and transports moisture efficiently, but works just as well as an everyday garment. It’s available for both men and women and comes in different styles and colours. Peak Performance are proud to introduce Argon in the fall of 2019 – the perfect mix of function and style.

About the ISPO Award
Every year ISPO honour the most exceptional sports products during the ISPO Award. A jury consisting of independent businessmen from within the sports industry, evaluate hundreds of entries – even from non-exhibiting parties – following clearly defined criteria. This premium selection presents a welcome overview, both for players in the sports industry, as well as for the final consumers. From the 3rd to the 6th of February, visitors to ISPO Munich 2019 can find out more information at the ISPO Award exhibition.

For further information, please contact Josefine Nyberg, Peak Performance PR Coordinator
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Swedish fashion chains join forces in the ”Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Actions” – aiming to create better industry conditions for the important work of reducing climate impact

KappAhl, H&M and Peak Performance support the UN’s ”Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action” – committing to reduce their climate impact by 30 per cent by 2030.

To achieve key sustainability goals industry cooperation is needed. With the initiative "Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action" (STICA), Swedish apparel companies KappAhl, H&M and Peak Performance undertake to reduce their climate impact by at least 30 percent by 2030, in line with the United Nations "Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action" that will be launched next week during COP24. STICA invites other Swedish textile companies of all sizes to join this collaborative initiative in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and drive industry innovation.

KappAhl, H&M, Peak Performance and Sustainable Fashion Academy are now initiating "The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action" (STICA). The purpose of STICA is to support the Swedish fashion and textile industry in its efforts to reduce its climate impact and stimulate industry innovation. To achieve this, STICA is creating a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and reporting. The initiative's vision is that the Sweden's fashion and textile industry shall lead the way and be climate-positive well before 2050.

STICA now invites other Swedish fashion and textile companies of all sizes, as well as industry associations and NGO’s that can serve as supporting partners, to join the initiative. STICA's first task will be to assess the climate impact of its members and, on the basis of this, create action plans where members work together to share knowledge and implement solutions. STICA will also report on progress in order to allow all stakeholders to follow developments.

Quotes from the initiators

“The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) believes that the only legitimate way for the apparel and textiles industry to address their contribution to global warming is by making commitments to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in line with 1.5 C warming pathway. In Sweden we have the knowledge and expertise needed to take the lead. That is why we have launched the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action. As an independent actor, SFA’s role in this initiative is to support organisations and industry stakeholders as they work to reach their climate goals.” says Michael Schragger, Founder and Executive Director, The Sustainable Fashion Academy

“To tackle the climate impact stemming from our value chain we need joint efforts and clear goals. We want to create support for the entire Swedish textile industry, both small and large enterprises, in taking climate action. We want to ensure Sweden leads the way and that the Swedish textile industry becomes climate positive well before 2050.” says Fredrika Klarén, Head of Sustainability at KappAhl

“Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its consequences will affect our entire planet and everyone living on it. H&M have set the goal of becoming climate positive across our entire value chain by 2040. Our vision is to use our size and scale to lead the change towards a circular and renewable fashion industry, but no company or organization can tackle those challenges alone. Together with the industry, stakeholders and business partners we can make a sustainable difference!” says Felicia Reuterswaerd, Head of Sustainability at H&M Sweden

“At Peak Performance we don’t just talk sustainability, we act on it. This network is all about climate action, real results and industry innovation. There is no time to delay. Join us and together we will amplify our impact while also ensuring our companies are prepared to succeed in this new business reality.” says Åsa Andersson, CR & Quality Manager at Peak Performance

”The climate issue is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, but unfortunately the time we have to solve this crisis is running out. It's a difficult challenge that no actor can solve by itself, but we can influence and drive change together, companies and organizations both big and small.” says Elin Larsson, Elco, former Sustainability Manager at Filippa K and advisor to STICA.

About The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA)
The purpose of STICA is to ensure the Swedish apparel and textiles industry reduces its greenhouse gas emissions in line with a 1,5 C warming pathway as stipulated by the IPCC, while also becoming the leader in climate friendly solutions for the global apparel and textiles industry. This will be done by measuring and reporting on progress as well as collaborating with key stakeholders to develop solutions to combat global warming throughout the value chain.

About the UN Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action
The Signatories to the UNFCCC Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action support the goals of the Paris Agreement in limiting global temperature rise by committing to a 30 per cent aggregate GHG emission reductions in scope 1, 2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard by 2030 against a baseline of no earlier than 2015. Signatories pledge to work together and with key industry stakeholders to develop solutions to achieve this.

About the climate issue
A recent analysis from Quantis International calculates that the combined the global apparel and footwear industries account for 8 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases. Another study conducted by Naturvårdsverket (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) shows that climate emissions from Swedish textile consumption have increased by 27 per cent in the past seven years. A majority of the industry’s GHG emissions are generated within raw material production, supply chain processing and assembly and in customer product care and end of life disposal. Because these impacts are outside the direct control of any single company, all actors need to work together – brands and retailers, suppliers, financial organizations, governments and consumers, to develop solutions that reduce greenhouse gases significantly.

For more information, contact

Sustainable Fashion Academy
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Peak Performance
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