Pre-Season Training

Some of the world’s best skiers form the Peak Performance ski team. And if there’s one thing they know, it’s the importance of pre-season training. We asked athletes Henrik Windstedt, Hedvig Wessel and Kristofer Turdell to develop training programs at different levels so you can get into peak shape this ski season.

Get ready for a ski weekend

This is an entry-level program with bodyweight exercises that are easy to master. With focus on lower body and building a strong core, this program is ideal for people who ski once or twice per year but wants to feel at their best in the slopes.

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Get ready for a ski week

This is an intermediate 8-week training program with focus on both strength and endurance. Perfect to prepare for a whole week in the alps. This program requires some gym experience with weights, so make sure to always keep good form. You’ll be rewarded with feeling a great flow in the muscles while skiing.

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Get ready for a ski season

This is our most advanced training program and is designed for people who love spending a whole winter skiing. Combining vigorous interval circuit training, functional strength and lots of mobility exercises, it will not only get you in great shape — but also help to prevent injuries.

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Where skiers ski

With over 30 years of experience in making the best ski wear together with ski athletes – we know where and when to go skiing. For F/W19 we’ve decided to take responsibility for the entire skiing experience and provide you with a full guide to the best ski destinations.