Nature as a reset

A unisex collection for winter in the mountains. Designed in collaboration with passionate outdoor explorer and founder of Byredo, Ben Gorham.

Peak performance x ben gorham

A unisex collection for winter in the mountains designed in collaboration with passionate outdoor explorer, and founder of luxury brand Byredo, Ben Gorham. Layering pieces, protective shells, and down puffers with expressive silhouettes and details.

"I believe all people have a lot to gain from nature. Being in these environments is the closest thing to meditation i know. It's my reset button."

Ben Gorham collection available online and in selected stores only.

Ben gorham

“I want people to understand how magical nature can be. Cities are more or less the same. When you first experience nature, a whole new world opens and the world all of a sudden becomes much more interesting. A new adventure can start.” says Ben Gorham, Creative Director and Founder of Byredo. The 19-piece collection features a complete range of products for winter in the mountains, from base layers to protective shells. A bold Gore-Tex parka is a signature piece with its longer than long silhouette. The outerwear line also includes a Gore-Tex Infinium Down jacket and two Gore-Tex ski sets, hard-shell and padded. An oversized, padded flannel shirt and a long, padded liner are also key pieces.