Polartec®Power Stretch®

Polartec® Power Stretch® fabrics feature body-hugging 4-way stretch and an incredibly breathable design thanks to their proprietary construction, which blends two unique surfaces. The durable nylon outer layer offers wind and abrasion resistance, while a soft polyester inner layer wicks moisture away from the skin.

  • Moisture-wicking fabric ideal for outdoor adventures
  • Keeps skin dry when you sweat
  • Patented bi-component knit construction
  • Uses different yarns on either side; one side moves moisture, the other dries quickly

Technology behind Polarec® Power Stretch®:

Stretch fabrics need dependable strength properties to consistently recover their original form after being pushed and pulled during activity. If an elastic fabric structure is overstretched it becomes permanently damaged and loses the ability to regain its original shape and performance qualities.

This is why Polartec® Power Stretch® is engineered with tensile resilience as a key feature of its construction. The next-to-skin surface keeps you warm and dry through touch points that diffuse and evaporate vapor moisture in the outer layer. Reinforced elastic fibers ensure the fabric consistently rebounds after every stretch.

How it works:

Polartec® Power Stretch® has the ability to retain warmth without restricting movement or agility during activities. The outer surface has a low-friction finish that reduces irritation when worn with other fabrics and increases overall abrasion resistance. The next-to-skin layer stays dry, breathable and comfortable by continuously transferring moisture vapor for rapid evaporation.

This versatility provides flexible support and warmth for reliable comfort in any fitness based activity. Polartec® Power Stretch® wicks moisture like a base material, but can handle direct exposure to the elements when necessary.

Main properties of Polartec®Power Stretch®:

  • Nylon outer surface adds durability
  • Body-hugging 4-way stretch provides unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Keeps your skin dry when you sweat
  • Highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities
  • Wind resistant to reduce the effects of wind chill
  • Soft next-to-skin surface provides all-day comfort
  • Machine washable