How to reduce climate impact, effort and money caring for fashion the clever way.

Recommendations and tips:

  • Washing - Don’t wash your clothes too often. Remove stains manually, and air the clothes to freshen up after each use. Several studies indicate that garments are often washed more frequently than necessary. By reducing the number of times you wash your garments you can actively help to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Temperature - Lower the temperature when machine washing. Dropping 60°C to 30°C, or warm to cold, saves a lot of half the energy EV: Wash care labels indicate the highest temperature allowed without compromising a garment’s quality. However, most detergents and modern washing machines clean your laundry just as well in lower temperatures.
  • Drying - Natural drying is energy free. By hang drying your laundry you save energy, and your clothes will stay in shape and even last longer too.
  • Ironing - Think of ironing only when necessary. Save energy as well as the effort! Remove clothes from the washing machine and hang dry them as soon as the wash cycle has finished minimizing creasing. Think to take your (hang) dried laundry with you into the bathroom while showering – often the steam smooth out creases and folds.
  • Dry cleaning - Look for dry cleaners who offer a “greener” option to traditional dry cleaning methods. Professional cleaning whenever it is recommended is often essential. There are different dry cleaning solvents on the market.

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