Our business is on a never-ending expedition. The further we go, the further we want to go. When it comes to sustainability, we are always thinking long term and pushing ourselves to go further. We design garments that last. Our pieces are functional and contemporary but have the kind of classic cut you’ll want to keep forever. In the same way, we value relationships that last – with our partners, our employees, and our consumers. By building lasting relationships, we build a lasting business. We also make resources last. By constantly improving our materials, processes, and design, we create more performance with less impact. And finally, we are devoted to make our planet last. The mountains, the streets, the trails – this is where we adventure. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. It´s our never-ending expedition.


Anyone who interacts with us will notice that we have something very special. We are more than just a group of individuals who work together. We’re more like good friends, like family. We word hard together, but also play and have fun together. IT’S TRUE PASSION We do things for real, or not at all. We do what we believe in and we do it to make a difference. We are simply obsessed with doing exceptional things. This dedication is what makes our hearts beat and our adrenaline rush. It’s what drives us and makes us push limits. IT’S A WINNING SPIRIT! We go above and beyond in the pursuit of perfection. We know where to go and what it takes to get there. We lead the way and never give up. We take on challenges and aim to win. We win because we believe we can win. It’s something that comes from within.


We take a value chain approach to sustainability, which means we aim to reduce our impact from developing raw materials right through to how our consumers are using and later disposing of our products. In 2018, we updated our sustainability approach to focus more on the opportunities that sustainability creates rather than seeing it solely as a risk management exercise. When approached creatively and innovatively, sustainability can have a hugely positive impact on both our day-to-day work and our business supporting our long-term growth. It challenges us to think differently about our purpose, our role, and our future.


During 2017 we focused on conducting a materiality assessment, which helped us find our areas of most significant impact and highest potential. This approach was valid at that time, but we soon realized, only focusing on the top aspects of 25 identified issues was not good enough. Already in 2018, we started linking the 25 identified issues within the materiality assessment into the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and, as a result of this secured an aligned approach with the UN guidance. Please find more information about our materialities in our sustainability report 2018


Linear business models are a thing of the past. By shifting towards a circular model and creating products that last longer, we will change our impact for the better – reducing waste, using resources more wisely, and engaging with consumers and employees around their roles, rights, and responsibilities

For us, working in a sustainable way means control over our business practices, conscious decisions about creating our product assortment, and the cautious use of resources. When we get it right, we know it will impact our business positively, giving us a ‘reason to operate’ and – as a consequence - loyalty from our customers and end consumers.




If you want to know more about the initiatives we are taking in terms of sustainability, you are welcome to contact us at


In a fast-changing world, long-lasting success requires a business to pay attention and integrate sustainability into its business model. We have started that journey by improving our understanding of how our decisions impact sustainability. We have taken important steps to make our business last. Having incorporated corporate responsibility into our business plan, being open to show where we are, to demonstrate to our people that we’re proud of their work, and to create alignment around the way ahead.


We design products that last. The core of Peak Performance is timeless design sewn into the best materials. Longevity goes hand in hand with how we think about quality and our customer relationships. We design functional and contemporary pieces that consumers can keep close for a long time; we offer repair services to prolong every product’s life. When the time comes to part with their products, consumers can return them to us to make the most of whatever resources that remain. Because of this approach, it’s not unusual for us to meet a parka from decades ago, or a pair of trousers that have hiked around the globe. It’s always a dear reunion.

Taking care

Clothes are a part of your history. By taking care of your clothes you reduce environmental impact and increase longevity. That’s why we’re working with Clevercare. Clevercare gives you advice on how to wash and care for your garment in the best way for both the garment and the environment. Read more

Give away

When we develop products, samples is a part of the process to achieve maximum performance out of design. Instead of letting the garments go to waste, we give our overstock to organizations such as Human Bridge – an organization that collects and sends clothes, shoes and textiles to people in poverty. Read More


Our winning spirit drives us to aim for the best outcome. By constantly improving our materials, processes, and design, we create better performance with less impact. We are working hard to improve our overall environmental performance and minimise the impact of our use of energy, materials and chemicals, and our waste creation. Reducing our climate impact guides all our decisions.

To that end, we recently signed up to the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) as one of three founding brands. This means we are part of driving change in the Swedish textile industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to show leadership even though we still have a lot of work to do. Because we are quite a small company with limited resources, our fastest way forward is to team up with others and to learn ‘on the job'. Read more


The outdoor industry has a long history of seeing the potential in using different chemicals to enhance the performance of fabrics in terms of water resistance, wind protection etc. But chemicals are also a big problem for biodiversity and nature since many of the substances practically never degenerates and highly affect water and living creatures. How they affect us humans, we yet don’t know. Read more

The welfare of animals

We have a strong belief that all living creatures should be treated with respect and consequently we work to promote animal welfare with regards to any materials derived from animals used in our products. We ensure that materials can be traced to a specific animal and in constant dialogue with our suppliers we ensure that only skins from farm animals such as sheep, cows, goats, rabbits, and pigs are used. Read more about the topic in our sustainability reports.


Even though we like remote adventures, no man is an island. For us, cooperation is fundamental. We believe in relations that last. Our employees are key to combining and creating the best solutions for our products and our planet. We believe in growing every day.

At the same time, successful sustainability work needs strong collaboration. We partner with the best to be able to influence and have a positive impact on our suppliers. We also work with other brands and many stakeholders alongside within our industry.

Our employees

At Peak Performance, we celebrate our differences, bringing together people who are energetic, sporty, urban, and dynamic. We love unique personalities and abilities because everyone’s contribution creates our success. Our employees all play their part in creating the best solutions for our products and our planet. With a healthy dose of humility, we perform – win or lose - as a team.

Our values of Togetherhood, Passion and Winning Spirit are the source of our performance and productive engagement. We aim for a top-class working environment that is built on workflow and healthy, active lifestyles.

Our Partners

We work hard to improve the whole supply chain of our business. By creating long and deep relations we ensure that we are working towards achieving meaningful and long-term results.

Our partners are carefully selected with sustainability performance as a major criteria. We believe that by using a partnership approach, we can promote and impact a responsible supply chain through constant dialog. Every year, we conduct workshops together with our suppliers to improve their understanding of sustainability as well as to listen how we can improve our own performance and help them with the challenges that they face.

Our Network

A successful sustainability work needs strong collaboration. We partner up with the best to be able to influence and have a positive impact on our suppliers. As well, we do work with other brand as well, close communication and sharing is key.

We join forces with several organizations, see a few:

  • Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) – SFA educates and equips us and other leaders and entrepreneurs in different companies with the knowledge and tools we need to develop and drive sustainable apparel innovations. Read more
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) – a trade organization comprised of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government, and non-governmental organizations and academic experts, representing more than a third of the global apparel and footwear market. All participants are working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world. Read more