Freeride world tour 2017
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We are truly proud to be part of the Freeride World Tour, which has grown into an event that is viewed worldwide, and presents our core activity in the most thrilling and challenging way possible, from absolutely stunning locations.

Follow the action, either on the site or via livestream, and we can promise you freeriding at an extraordinary level of skill and expertise. Peak Performance makes, and has always made, products for this area of skiing, and this season will be very exciting. Among great results from our team skiers last year, the Freeride World Champion title won by Loic Collomb Patton stands out. Will Loic or any other team rider make it to the top in 2017?
The Freeride World Tour 2017 events
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A picture of Chamonix
28 January
A picture of Vallnord
Arcalis Vallnord
11 February
A picture of Fieberbrunn
6 March
A picture of Haines
18 March
A picture of Verbier
1 April

Chamonix, France

Chamonix, at the foot of Mont Blanc, France, is the mecca for all mountain-based action sports. Mainly associated with climbing prior to the first Winter Olympics in 1924, today, thanks to the freeride wave, it’s considered the capital of big mountain skiing. The Chamonix Valley is surrounded by very steep mountains, draped with overhanging glaciers beneath a crown of rocky spires. It’s also a place where new mountain sports find their home, such as speed flying, B.A.S.E. jumping and wing suit flying, for example.

The start of the world’s best-loved ski touring event, the Haute-Route is in Chamonix, and it ends in the only place in the world that can, to some extent, compete with Chamonix, Zermatt.

Downtown you will run into legends from alpine and skiing history on almost every corner. With a fairly big city center for a ski resort, it offers restaurants and bars for all tastes. Chamonix is simply a place any true skier must visit at least once.

Our FWT 2017 riders
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A picture of Evelina Nilsson
Evelina Nilsson
A picture of Kristofer Turdell
Kristofer Turdell
A picture of Loïc Collomb-Patton
Loïc Collomb-Patton

Evelina Nilsson

Åre, Sweden
24 years old
Three victories in FWQ 4* 2015
4th in Verbier Xtreme 2014
2nd overall FWQ 2015
3rd FWT Vallnord, Andorra 2016
Winner of SBMC 2013

Born and raised in the north of Sweden, Evelina nowadays is being found in Åre, Sweden, where she quickly has become a face within the local freeskiing community. Åre is proud to have two previous world champions and Evelina has all the potential to be the next in line to bring home the world title to the little ski village in Jämtland. Evelina has been getting a lot of attention in the last year due to her aggressive and smooth skiing and starring in “Shades of Winter” movies, an all-female ski movie project. Evelina showed no respect during her rookie season on the Freeride World Tour 2016 and started the tour with a podium in Vallnord, Andorra. Filled with Jedi powers, Evelina is probably one of the biggest Star Wars fans you could meet, she manage to continue impress the judges throughout the tour and made her way to the final in Verbier, Switzerland. Yoga, meditation and vegan diet is a part of Evelinas everyday life and she prepare herself for the tour in the gym and in the trails. During her first year on the tour Evelina met a lot of new friends that shared her passion for having fun and sharing good vibes.

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a radical job

Freeride World Champion, Loic Collomb-Patton, is looking for anyone who can present the most inspiring, fun, crazy or unique ski warm-up on Instagram. The most appreciated warm-up will take the person behind it and a friend to the finals of the Freeride World Tour in Verbier.
When there you will warm up the crowds before the best freeriding action in the world takes place on the steepest completion face on earth.

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