Corporate Responsibility

At Peak Performance, we have a long-standing love for the outdoors. Naturally, we are passionate about topics that impact the welfare of the environment, and climate change is one of them.

The diminishing glaciers are a threat not only to our lifestyle and brand, but to the whole world. That’s why we’ve chosen “Save the Glacier” as our clear Corporate Responsibility (CR) vision and focus in our CR work. So that the outdoors are preserved for the enjoyment of our generation and for many generations to come.

Therefore, we’ve put into action four initiatives that enable us to prioritize and improve our CR performance and ultimately do our part in realizing our vision.

  • Climate Change Focus
  • Product Sustainability
  • Responsible Supply Chain
  • Memberships & Affiliations

Climate Change Focus

Our main focus area for our CR efforts is to improve our environmental performance focusing on climate change and hence the emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), which are some of the main contributors to climate change. Our focus on climate change is grounded in our vision statement and in our brand DNA.

Higg Index

At Peak Performance, we acknowledge that we have an impact on climate change. We see this as an opportunity to act and do our part in reducing our GHG emissions and continuously monitor where we can increase our environmental performance. To improve our environmental performance with a focus on GHG reduction, we use The Higg Index.

The Higg Index is primarily an indicator-based tool for apparel that enables companies to evaluate material types, products, facilities and processes based on a range of environmental and product design choices. Read more

Product Sustainability

Longevity of products as well as consumer care has been proven to be crucial in a company’s environmental work. Ever since Peak Performance was founded, we have worked hard to maintain our premium position in the market by developing products with exceptional quality. Every stitch and every detail in every garment matters. This shows that we are serious in our work with delivering high quality products. We work with the best and most well-known fabric and trim suppliers in the industry to secure the base. We look into every detail in our garments to be sure that all products last as long as possible. We do this by working according to our internal “Quality Assurance Manual” which all designers and buyers follow.

After Care

Taking care of your clothes can also reduce their environmental impact. That is why Peak Performance is working with Clevercare. Clevercare advises consumers what we can do to influence the environmental impacts of garment care by following simple tips that can be found on the Clevercare textile labels. Read more

Repair Service

With time, any product can start having problems with trims such as zippers. To be able to guarantee the longevity of our products, we have provided access to a Repair Service in all our retail stores as well as at our online consumer service center in Copenhagen. Customers can visit these places if they would like to get help to change and/or repair any of our products, no matter how old the garment is. The Peak Performance Care program allows for free repairs on most Peak Performance products, as long as our quality standard can be maintained even after a repair and you can provide your receipt or proof of purchase for the item. Contact your nearest store here.

Second Use

Finally, since we work a lot with samples in our product development, we have, as one initiative, decided to give samples as overstock to organizations such as “Human Bridge”. Human bridge is an organization that collects and sends clothes, shoes and textiles to people in poverty. Read More

Responsible Supply Chain

While we know we can improve our CR performance in the way we conduct our business, we also know that our suppliers have a big CR impact.

To make sure we make a difference, we have selected suppliers, which we call Partners, where we have a deep relationship to ensure we work towards achieving meaningful and long-term results.

The Partners are carefully selected with CR performance as a major criteria. We believe that by using a partnership approach, we can promote and impact a responsible supply chain through constant dialog with our suppliers. Every year, we conduct workshops together with our suppliers to improve their understanding of CR as well as to listen to how we can improve our own performance and help them with the challenges that they face.

Animal Welfare

We work to promote animal welfare with regards to any materials derived from animals used in our products. We do this by promoting traceability of the materials of animal origin and by promoting animal welfare in dialogs with our suppliers and only uses fur/skin from animals that are bred for their meat like sheep, cow, goat, rabbit and pig.

We do not accept:

  • Down and feathers plucked from live birds. We require an IDFL (International Down and Feather testing Laboratory) for all down and feathers.

  • Merino wool from sheep where mulesing has been used.

  • The use of animals which are on the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) list of endangered species.

  • The use of hides from farms located in areas where rainforests have been cut down to make room for the farms.

Memberships & Affiliations

As part of the group of companies that belong to IC Group, Peak Performance is provided with a CR framework, which lays down a foundation and the compliance level that all brands in IC Group have to follow. Read more

The affiliations we work with include:

  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) – our external partner in making sure our suppliers work according to our Code of Conduct. They unite over 1300 companies around one common Code of Conduct and they support us in our efforts towards building an ethical supply chain. Read more
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) – we are a member of this trade organization comprised of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government, and non-governmental organizations and academic experts, representing more than a third of the global apparel and footwear market. All participants are working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world. Read more
  • Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) – SFA educates and equips us and other leaders and entrepreneurs in different companies with the knowledge and tools we need to develop and drive sustainable apparel innovations. Read more
  • Kemikaliegruppen/Swerea – we have joined this cooperation to get the latest updates of laws and regulations for chemicals and other environmental related issues. Read more
  • Kemikalieinspektionen/Textil Dialogen – the purpose of this initiative is to increase the cooperation between authorities and the companies working in the textile industry in regards to chemicals. We have joined this initiative to cooperate with other companies working in the same industry as us, to find substitutes to harmful chemicals and we work hard together to phase out dangerous chemicals beyond just what the law requires. Read more

If you want to know more about the initiatives we are taking in terms of CR, you are welcome to contact us at