Enter The Wild

Enter The Wild

Enter the Wild is a collaboration between Peak Performance and three talented photographers. Few people have the drive to keep up with nature’s forces, but these three passionate individuals have an instinct for capturing the mood and intensity of the outdoors. In this collection, fashion becomes the backdrop for photography as these windows into the wild enter our homes and streets.

The photographers’ images are taken out of traditional viewing spaces and transferred onto clothing as a real-life gallery – an original platform that combines the outdoors, fashion and self-expression. This new format is a way to fuse nature with identity, to share the love for an outdoor lifestyle and to bring it with you into any environment.

Alric Ljunghager

Alric Ljunghager is the creative mind behind the eagle photo and this is his first collaboration with Peak Performance. His profession keeps him always on the move and this fast-paced lifestyle inspires his photographies.

“The chaos outside has so many perfections, so your imagination turns into pure observation,” he says. “Nature comes up with these beautiful ideas that you would never have thought of yourself.”

His powerful and scenic photographs are often a result of snap judgments and intuition. “It’s so beautiful, and it’s here and now,” Ljunghager says. “The less control, the better – then I can really observe and just appreciate the moment.”

John Strandh

John Strandh is the creative mind behind the deer photo. A special love for the midnight sun, freezing waters and the chilly Nordic landscape is what drives his photography. Both a photographer and cinematographer, his work in both fields reflects his genuine love and respect for nature.

He has made films with Peak Performance in the past, but is really excited about the new collection. Having his photographs brought to life on people’s bodies is a new way to connect with them.

“Our work has the minimalistic, timeless and functional in common,” he says. “I want to draw people’s attention to the simplistic and natural, and inspire them to experience nature first-hand rather than only through social media.”

Martin Wichardt

Martin Wichardt is the mind behind the tree picture. Altough he enjoys shooting in the studio and doesn’t define himself as a nature photographer, he always prefers taking his camera out into the wild. He has been collaborating with Peak Performance for two years, but this latest collection is something entirely new.

“Hopefully it will put a smile on someone’s face, make someone dream about distant places or long for the winter,” he says.